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Onclax is a free MMORPG game, fully animated that is updated weekly with new adventures! Onclax is built in flash so it plays using your web browser without any download, is a private server of AQ.com, enjoy to play, invite your family and friends. Onclax is better with friends!

Super Emo Hair
Chelicera Fangs
Kanekis Mask
Nekoyasha Mane
Bankai cc
Demon Sword (Daily Reward)
Demon Sword (Daily Reward)
Legion Rixty Polearm
Golden Angel Essence (x1)
Star Piece (x1)
V.I.P Token (x1)
Classes & Armors
Evolved Shaman (Rank 10)
One Hit (VIP) (Rank 10)
Black Punk (GrenWog)
Dark Assasin Naval Commander